Restorative Justice

 The Current System:

Our criminal justice system often asks the question, “what punishment does this offender deserve?” without addressing the needs of victims, offenders and communities. It is focuses on punishment not rehabilitation and healing.

Our Vision:

Restorative Justice recognizes the needs of all parties by asking:

  • · What is good for the victim, the offender and the community?

  • · How can we find ways to offer restoration to all who are harmed when an offense occurs?

  • · How can we promote the recognition that all persons are of equal value and deserve to be treated with respect?

  • · How do we create a process of working together to restore both the victim, the offender to full positive participation in the community?

PPoFT is growing a base of leaders who are studying Restorative Justice and doing research with local law enforcement and public school officials to initiate a new era of restorative practice in our county.