Restorative Justice

 The Current System:

The American Criminal Justice System is a “retributive” justice system. It simply asks the question, “what punishment does this offender deserve?” It does not address the needs of victims, offenders or communities. It is focused on punishment not rehabilitation and healing. Placer County is known all over the state as a “Big Stick” county that is “Tough on crime.”  Local officials cannot get elected unless they embrace this philosophy. In fact, this criminal justice system does not keep the public safe and it costs so much the county and state budgets have cut essential human services including education! In fact it is an effective school for crime as evidenced by the very high rates of recidivism.

Our Vision:

Restorative Justice focuses on “setting things right.”

  • ·        Restorative Justice practices are collaborative and ask questions about what is good for the victim, the offender and the community.
  • ·        It is a way of working together that offers restoration to all who are harmed when an offense occurs.
  • ·        It is an approach based on the belief that all persons are of equal value and deserve to be treated with respect. 
  • ·        It is a system that assumes that an offender needs to take responsibility of his/her actions, to make restitution to the victim and the community which has been harmed by those actions. 
  • ·        It is a process of working together to restore both the victim, the offender to full positive participation in the community.   

PPOFT is growing a base of leaders who are studying Restorative Justice and doing research with local law enforcement and public school officials to initiate a new era of restorative practice in our county.

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