Jail Releases

 Placer People of Faith Together is addressing two issues relating to the Placer County Jail.

jail release

1) Jail Release times. Historically the Placer County Jail has released a large number of people daily between midnight and 3am out of convenience for the jail staff - the night shift has more time to process the paperwork. Unfortunately, there is little to no transportation and social services available. Those who are homeless simply walk Atwood Street awaiting daylight even in inclement weather.

We believe this is immoral, increases recidivism and is a hardship for the businesses and residences in the area. We are working with county officials to limit releases to daylight hours.

2) Due to a court order, state prisons are moving some prisoners from prisons to county jails. Consequently, Placer County is receiving prisoners from the State who are listed as the NONs: offenders who were incarcerated for non-violent, non-serious and non-sexual crimes. In response, county officials have two choices: expand jail capacity or engage in more robust treatment and rehabilitation programs.

We advocate for the addition of results-based treatment. Programs of this caliber have been shown to reduce recidivism, allow people to become useful citizens and are much less costly for the county. We are working with jail officials, probation and HSS to enhance treatment and rehabilitation programs. 

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