Health & Wellness

Health CARE access and outreach

Through our partnership with Placer County Health and Human Services and our faith communities we continue to provide outreach and education for Placer County residents in need of Health Care. Our goals for the coming months include support for individuals still in need of a Health Care options such as: seniors, individuals leaving a controlled environment, young adults who are in the process of Deferred Action, homeless or transitioning and individuals/families who need support navigating their health care choices. 

Mental Health

Every day in Placer County there are friends, family and people we work with who struggle with emotional pain!  In addition to physical health Placer People of Health is partnering with Kaiser Foundation and Placer County HHS to provide Mental Health First Aid for Congregational/faith leaders, and individuals who want to increase their knowledge base by raising the conversation about mental health, reducing stigma, identifying signs and symptoms and increasing access to local resources. We are planning our trainings now, please contact us and watch for our training event schedule.  

For more information or to get involved call our community organizer Lisa Boch at 916-220-0044  or email